This is a no-holds barred look at the people and actions at the root cause of our economic meltdown. Through congressional records, interviews and autobiographies, the author brings all the moving parts together in hopes that America won't be ruined by the unbridled greed of a very few.

Lehmann's book is a page-turner; a rarity for non-fiction books.

From 1998 and into 2012, Congress (Democrats and Republicans) have allowed the Federal Reserve, investment and commercial banks to exercise rampant greed and corruption.

Because of extraordinary influence of a very few over all Americans, we and our economy have become   hostage to their self-serving greed.

Learn how this happened and what can be done to stop it. This book is a fact-based indictment of specific people within the Federal Reserve, Congress, White House Advisors (Republicans and Democrats alike) and the financial sector.

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The author, Helm Lehmann, MBA Finance, MA Public Policy is the former director of revenue management for Asia and the Americas at Microsoft Licensing.

His teams  were accountable for $19 BILLION in annual contracts & revenues.

Helm has Graduate Degrees in Finance, Business Strategy and Public Policy from Texas and Saint Martins and is  nationally recognized for his innovative leadership in both the Public and Private sectors. 

In a 2011 Special Congressional Election, Helm received more votes running for Congress than any Independent since Nevada statehood (1884).

This is his second book.